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11 - 22 September News  
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22-Sep: On the 5th and final day of testing for Ferrari at Fiorano, Luca Badoer set his best personal time on this track with a 59.239. The record lap time on Ferrari's private track is 58.890 by Michael Schumacher.
Luca Badoer concentrated on electronic testing as well as testing components to be used in next year's car.
Badoer covered a total of 86 laps.

The session was run under cloudy but dry conditions. 

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

21-Sep: The Williams team concluded a 3-day test at Estoril. The team had two cars at their disposal, one to carry out tyre evaluation and chassis and engine testing with Marc Gene and Ralf Schumacher sharing the driving and the other car was to evaluate the 2 drivers of the Petrobras Junior Team Antonio Pizzonia and Ricardo Sperafico. 

Antonio Pizzonia said after the test "The first day was good and I really felt I learnt a lot, which is very important. Today it was wet so there was not a lot I could do. This was the first time I had driven a Formula 1 car in the wet but with the traction control it was not too difficult. All in all I am really pleased with how everything went."
Ricardo Sperafico said "I really enjoyed driving the car, it was a great experience for me and I definitely learnt a lot. This is the first time I have driven a Formula 1 car on a proper track. What this has taught me is there is a big difference between Formula 1 and Formula 3000, but the engineers did a great job helping me make the transition."

The Williams team was very pleased with the outcome of the test. The team did not make times available so that unfair comparisons are not made.

Day 1 & 2 of the session were run under dry conditions. Day 3 started wet but turned to dry in the afternoon. 

At Mugello, the Sauber team concluded their 4 day test with Nick Heidfeld. The team finalised their preparations for the upcoming US GP with Nick Heidfeld covering a total of 51 laps. The team was encouraged by the results and look forward to the race at Indianapolis.

The session was run under dry conditions. 

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer continued testing for the Ferrari team. He concentrated electronic testing and tyre evaluation. He completed a total of 74 laps. 

The session was run under dry conditions. 
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

20-Sep: On the final day of testing at Silverstone, Alexander Wurz was again the fastest man on the track ahead of Eddie Irvine and David Coulthard. Luckily for the teams the weather improves for the second half of the session making t possible for dry weather testing.
6 teams were present with 11 drivers setting lap time. Pedro de la Rosa covered the most number of laps with 84 followed by Eddie Irvine with 70 laps and Alexander Wurz with 68 laps.
Arrows joined the test on the final day with Enrique Bernoldi while Jacques Villeneuve covered a few laps in the afternoon for BAR. Justin Wilson continued testing for the Jordan team.

McLaren had 2 engine failures during the session while Arrows had 1 engine failure.
The teams concentrated on set-up testing for the upcoming United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis.  

The session started under damp conditions but was dry in the afternoon

Click here for the timed results from Silverstone

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer continued testing for the Ferrari team. In the morning he shook down the 3 cars heading to the US GP while in the afternoon he concentrated on tyre and electronic testing in preparation for the US GP as well as component testing for the 2002 car. He completed a total of 117 laps. 

The session was run under dry conditions. 
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

Nick Heidfeld took over from Felipe Massa for the Sauber team at Mugello. The team concentrated on tyre evaluation and set-up for the upcoming US GP. Heidfeld covered a total of 79 laps 
Testing continues tomorrow.
We apologise for incorrectly reporting yesterday that Sauber concluded their test.

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

The Williams team continued their testing at Estoril. No times were available.

20-Sep: Following doctors recommendation that he stay away from racing until the end December, Luciano Burti has announced that he will not be returning to Formula 1 before that date and said "The doctors have strongly recommended me not to go back to racing this year. The reason is that the accident in Belgium was very serious, and if ever I had another trauma in my head, the consequences would be worse. Doctor Hartstein told me I have to keep on resting until at least the end of December. Only after that date, I can think about my future and what I will do."
Given Burti's unavailability, the Prost team have announced that Tomas Enge (who drove for the team at the Italian GP last Sunday) will drive at the remaining 2 races of the season. The team indicated that they were very pleased with Enge following his performance at the Italian Grand Prix given the short notice he was given. Joan Villadelprat, the Managing Director of Prost GP said "Luciano took a wise decision to listen to the doctors� advice and we are very confident he will totally recover from his accident. We will keep on watching his progress and supporting him as much as possible in the coming months.
As regards to Tomas� performance in Monza, we were very happy with the work he did for us. He proved to be a hard-worker, enthusiastic and intelligent driver. What he has shown at the Italian Grand Prix led us to think that Tomas is the best possible choice to support the team�s efforts in the remainder of the 2001 Championship."

Earlier story on replacing Burti at the Italian GP

19-Sep: On the second day of testing at Silverstone, Alexander Wurz set the fastest time ahead of Jean Alesi and Eddie Irvine. 
5 teams were present with 8 drivers setting lap time. Jean Alesi covered the most number of laps with 87 followed by the F3000 Champion Justin Wilson with 82 and Olivier Panis with 68. 

The session was interrupted a number of times with Panis and Webber stopping on the track with problems. 
The Jordan team continues to evaluate young drivers with Justin Wilson at the wheel today. He certainly impressed clocking the 4th fastest time.
David Coulthard covered a number of laps but didn't set any times as he was conducting electronic testing a single lap at a time.

The session was run under cold and wet conditions 
Testing concludes tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Silverstone

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer continued testing for the Ferrari team. He concentrated on tyre and electronic testing in preparation for the US GP as well as component testing for the 2002 car. He completed a total of 123 laps. 

The session was run under dry conditions. 
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

Brazilian Felipe Massa was behind the wheel of the Sauber C20 for 2 days as part of an evaluation test the Sauber team are conducting. Massa he has certainly impressed the team with his performance. Massa covered a total of 101 laps over the 2 days and set a best time of 1:23.79 which is faster than any time set here in the last 2 test sessions. 
Nick Heidfeld takes over testing for the team tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

The Williams team have started a 3 day test session at Estoril. Marc Gene is driving one of the cars while the other car is used to evaluate 2 young drivers. Antonio Pizzonia drove today and Ricardo Sperafico will drive tomorrow. Both drivers will also drive on Friday with half a day each. Williams are not issuing lap times as they don't want unfair comparisons between the 2 young drivers.

19-Sep: The organisers of the United States Grand Prix have confirmed that the race will go ahead as scheduled on the 30th of September with full security measures in place for the event. Tony George the President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway said "Every top official involved with the organisation of Formula One, including FIA President Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone, has indicated that the U.S. Grand Prix will continue as scheduled. 
While we are very saddened by recent events, we continue to plan and work for what we expect will be a successful, exciting event. President Bush has urged Americans and the world to proceed with everyday life, and we are doing so with deep respect for those affected by last week's tragedies."

18-Sep: Most of the Formula 1 teams return to testing this week. At Silverstone, BAR, Benetton, Jaguar, Jordan and McLaren started a 3 day test in preparation for the US GP on the 30th of September as well as testing components for the 2002 season. Jordan and McLaren are also evaluating a number of young drivers with Narain Karthikeyan testing for Jordan and Marcel Fassler testing for McLaren. Unfortunately for Marcel, he only completed 2 shakedown laps in the McLaren due to the wet conditions.

Jean Alesi set the fastest time of the day ahead of Alexander Wurz and Jenson Button. Jean Alesi also covered the most number of laps with 85.

There were a number of red flag incidents with Karthikeyan spinning twice on the track, Panis, Webber and Wurz also stop on the track with car problems. 

The session was run under cold and wet conditions 
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Silverstone

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer commenced testing for the Ferrari team. He concentrated on electronic testing in preparation for the US GP as well as component testing for the 2002 car. He completed a total of 42 laps. 

The session was run under dry conditions. 
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

The Williams team will commence a three day test at Estoril from the 19th of September.
are scheduled to test at Mugello
spent the day at Valencia entertaining the crowds with their F1 2 seaters

18-Sep: "Do you support a parade-style start in Formula 1 ?" - Topic of the week - Have Your Say

18-Sep: Michael Schumacher suggested that talk of him not participating at the US GP were pure rumours. He indicated that he intends to race in Indianapolis on the 30th of September and said "I was aware of these rumours but at the moment, I have not the slightest thought of not driving in the USA and Japan."
Jean Todt had earlier indicated that Michael didn't want to race in Italy last Sunday and that Ferrari will respect his decision on whether or not to race at Indianapolis (story).

Luciano Burti has yet to decide if he will be racing with Prost at the US GP. He sent a thankyou message to the Tomas Enge following the race at Monza and indicated that he'll be back as soon as possible. He said "Tomas is a very nice person and he deserved the chance that the team is offering to him, I thank his support and I hope to be back as soon as possible "
The entry list for the US GP lists Tomas Enge as the second Prost driver but no confirmation from the Prost team has been made yet.
When Burti left hospital after his high-speed crash at Spa he said that only he will decide when he will comeback (story). 

Alex Zanardi is recovering in hospital following his horrific crash at the American Memorial in Germany on Saturday (story). Even though his condition is not life-threatening, he remains in critical condition and in a medically induced coma. A statement from the hospital read "A scheduled surgery was conducted to clean out wounds and make sure no pieces of debris from the injury remained. The procedure lasted two hours and went well. This procedure is consistent with the practice for this type of injury. It is expected that this type of surgery will be performed every 48 hours over the next several days. Zanardi is in critical but non-life-threatening condition. He is stable and doctors are starting to reduce medication, which has placed him in a medically-induced coma."

17-Sep: Despite the FIA confirming that the US GP will go ahead, there is growing concerns that getting the teams and their equipment to the US during these difficult times could prove a logistical nightmare. Additionally a number of drivers including Michael Schumacher may not show up for the race.
From a logistical point of view, new security regulations requires that all equipment be X-rayed and there are only 2 X-ray machines in Europe (Amsterdam and Luxembourg) capable of scanning a Grand Prix car. 
BAR's Team Principal Craig Pollock said "Apparently we have to X-ray every single piece of equipment and every piece of equipment means right down to the car. My understanding is apparently there are only two x-ray machines in Europe that are big enough to take these parts, and one is in Amsterdam and the other is in Luxembourg. We will have to get all the equipment off a day earlier, but we are willing to do it. I think it is important to have that race."
In addition to the X-ray scanning issues, there is also the issue of fuel transport, direct flights to Indianapolis and visa's and work permits. All of these issues will force the teams to prepare for the race several days earlier than scheduled and that could be too difficult to achieve.

Meanwhile, a number of drivers may decide not to participate in the event. Ralf Schumacher described going to the US as a "bad joke" while Michael Schumacher who didn't want to race at the Italian GP may decide to pull out. Jean Todt, the Sporting Director for Ferrari said "At Monza he wanted to do it (not race), but following this we will decide, respecting his opinion. It is he who drives and he who needs to say if he feels like doing it. Michael put in a good race and behaved as a professional but his heart, for diverse reasons was not here on the circuit."
David Coulthard was also concerned about racing in the US and said "We have to recognise that it's a pretty difficult environment right now. We are all nervous at the prospect of going over there and uncertain what's going to happen. If the championship is there, then I will be there - though I will be going in at the last possible moment.

Jacques Villeneuve however indicated that their must be a good reason for the race not to go ahead and said "I don't know, if the country is at war, it's obviously no. But if they aren't and if there isn't any danger, then why not? It will depend from many things. Even if the championship is decided, there are still battles going on. Every circuit pays its part. There are also the television rights and many spectators who have already bought their tickets in advance. Unless more drama happens, there must be a good reason for us not to go."
Juan Pablo Montoya who has just won the Italian Grand Prix agrees with Villeneuve and said "It is very bad what happened over there. But if the race does go on, then I don't see going to American being a problem."

16-Sep: What the teams and drivers said following the Race at Monza ... Report

16-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - Race: Juan Pablo Montoya wins his first ever Formula 1 race ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Ralf Schumacher. Michael Schumacher, Pedro de la Rosa and Jacques Villeneuve make the top 6 ... Timed Results ... Full Report ... Notes

16-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - Warm-up: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest time of the session just ahead of David Coulthard. Juan Pablo Montoya was 3rd ahead of Rubens Barrichello, Kimi Raikkonen and Jarno Trulli ... Timed Results ... Full Report ... Notes

15-Sep: Alex Zanardi was involved in a massive crash during the American Memorial CART race in Germany. The accident occurred when Zanardi was leaving the pits and made contact with Alex Tagliani sending them both into the wall. Zanardi was rushed to hospital and underwent a 3 hour operation that resulted in the amputation of both his legs from above the knee.
Our sympathies go to Alex Zanardi and his family in this distressing time.

Zanardi drove for the Williams Formula 1 team in 99 and this is what Frank Williams said after the horrific crash: "Everyone in the team is devastated by the news of Alex's serious accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. He is a true gentleman and I know his many friends and fans around the world will have him in their thoughts and be hoping for good news about his condition."

More info from the Web site
Alex Zanardi Official Web Site

15-Sep: What the teams and drivers said following the Qualifying Session at Monza ... Report

15-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - Qualifying: Juan Pablo Montoya grabs his 3rd Pole position of the year ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. Ralf  Schumacher, Jarno Trulli and David Coulthard make the top 6 ... Timed Results ... Full Report ... Notes

15-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - 2nd Saturday Practice: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest time of the session ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya and Jarno Trulli. Rubens Barrichello, David Coulthard and Ralf Schumacher make the top 6 ... Timed Results  ... Full Report ... Notes 

15-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - 1st Saturday Practice: Juan Pablo Montoya sets the fastest time of the session ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Pedro de la Rosa. Jacques Villeneuve, Olivier Panis and Kimi Raikkonen make the top 6 ... Timed Results ... Full Report ... Notes 

14-Sep: What the teams and drivers said following the Friday Practice Sessions at Monza ... Report

14-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - 2nd Friday Practice: Ralf Schumacher sets the fastest time of the session ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya and Michael Schumacher. Pedro de la Rosa, Rubens Barrichello and Mika Hakkinen make the top 6 ... Timed Results ... Full Report ... Notes

14-Sep: Italian Grand Prix - 1st Friday Practice: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest time of the session ahead of David Coulthard and Rubens Barrichello. Nick Heidfeld, Mika Hakkinen and Jenson Button make the top 6 ... Timed Results ... Full Report ... Notes

14-Sep: After months of speculation, Mika Hakkinen has decided to take a break from Formula 1 racing at the end of the season. He insisted that he is not retiring as he doesn't feel that he is ready to make that decision. Young sensation Kimi Raikkonen will take his seat next year. 
Mika Hakkinen said "Formula One has been virtually my whole life since I started karting in 1974. The intensity of my career has become increasingly difficult for those around me. Whilst this year has been difficult for me and the team, these experiences have not guided the decision to take this break. I asked the team for a break which would be a good way to recharge my batteries and enjoy more time with my wife Erja and my son Hugo. I'm pleased to welcome a fellow Finn to the team and I wish Kimi all the best. However let's not forget that there are three races left for me this year, and I have every intention of going flat out. Of course it might have been easier to retire, but that just isn't a decision I feel ready to take. I know that I will have to work hard to return after my break but I know that I want to return with West McLaren Mercedes."
Kimi Raikkonen said "I'm pleased to have achieved several point scoring finishes with the Sauber team after they gave me the chance to show what I could do in Formula One. I really want to thank Peter for helping me to take the opportunity to drive for West McLaren Mercedes next year. However until then, I will do everything I can to help the Sauber team retaining their fourth place in the Formula One Constructors' World Championship."
Ron Dennis said "Mika has been a part of the team for nine years and after 159 races, 26 pole positions and 19 race wins, he decided that he wanted a break. Mika has always done an incredible job for us and now is not the time to be bidding him farewell. Whilst we have had a range of interesting options for 2002 we are very pleased to announce our driver line-up with David, Kimi and Alex. Kimi's outstanding performances in what is only his first year in Formula One have obviously resulted in a lot of attention although from the initial discussions we made it clear that we would only be interested if a solution could be reached with Red Bull Sauber Petronas. We were extremely pleased therefore that partly as a result of Peter Sauber's good relationship with Professor Hubbert of Mercedes-Benz, we have been able to reach a professional conclusion. We are also pleased to continue our relationship with David, who has shown that he can win races and is obviously a strong Championship contender. Alex's loyalty is appreciated by everybody in the team and can ultimately only help in furthering his career."
Norbert Haug said "Today is a day with mixed emotions. Mercedes-Benz has a great relationship with Mika and he is a valued member of the family and not only because he has won two World Championships with West McLaren Mercedes. We have a lot of memories together and we want to thank Mika for all he has done for Mercedes-Benz and West McLaren Mercedes. We would like to welcome Kimi to the team who in his first Formula One season impressed all of us very much and we are looking forward to working with him. David, having done a great job for the team for years, will be even stronger next year and I'm sure that Alex will continue to contribute to the team's performance in the efficient way he did this year."
David Coulthard said "My contract with the team was agreed a few months ago and I'm looking forward to next year's Championship challenge. Mika and myself have been team-mates for six years - the longest ever in Formula One and we have worked well and competed hard and I understand his reasons for having a break. Thanks to Mika, I have gained valuable insight into fast Finns, which I'm sure will be useful next year."
And Alexander Wurz said "Obviously I'm disappointed not to have achieved one of the two principal seats in the team. I understand, however, that I came very close to achieving my goal of racing for West McLaren Mercedes and I'm pleased that the team has recognised my contribution through this year and re-affirmed their commitment to me for the coming season. It has been made clear that the team will support my career and whilst I will continue to gain valuable experience in such a good organisation, they will ensure that I will be ready if a competitive opportunity arises."

The Sauber team issued a statement that read "Kimi Raikkonen will leave the Team RED BULL SAUBER PETRONAS at the end of the 2001 racing season to drive for the team West McLaren Mercedes next year.
If a driver is determined to leave for another team it is futile to force him to stay. This was the main reason for releasing Kimi Raikkonen. Of course, we made sure that during the negotiations our prime objective was to secure the interests of the Team.
We are convinced that Kimi will finish his first Formula 1 season immaculately and perform at his best for our Team in the remaining races."
Speculation about Sauber securing an engine deal with Mercedes are not clear at this stage. 

13-Sep: An FIA spokesperson has indicated that the Italian Grand Prix will go ahead despite the terrorist attacks in the United States of America. The race organisers will be holding a minute's silence in respect to those who died in the attacks.
The United States Grand Prix
will also go ahead as planned unless the situation in the USA makes it too difficult given the air travel restrictions currently in place. Tony George, the President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway said "We do not expect any change from the announced schedule."

Ferrari President Luca Montezemolo has indicated that Ferrari will not have a big party at Monza due to the tragic event in the United States and said "Personally, I feel very close to the USA, as I was at university in New York. I admire the democracy in the USA. It has also been our most important market for so many years. But Monza has been a traditional appointment for Ferrari in good and bad times. Monza will be a sporting event because life must go on. But it will not be a big party, just a day of sport. Our spirit will be to tackle this race like any other and I would ask our fans to behave accordingly. We are participants not organizers and therefore we will go along with whatever decision is taken." 

The Williams team have announced that Marc Gene will be retained as their test driver for the 2002 season. Sir Franks Williams said "Marc�s contribution to the team has been invaluable, so we are delighted to have retained his services for next year. A test driver of his calibre is a real find and his work on the development of the FW23 has proved a bonus for everyone in the team.�
Marc Gene said "Testing for the team this year has been great for me as I have gained an enormous amount of experience, so I am very happy to sign for another year. I know I still have a lot more to learn and feel extremely lucky to be able to remain with the team. I see the challenge next year is to fight for the Championships, and the chance to contribute to that in even the smallest way motivates me. The team is incredibly professional and I am hoping this experience will bring me closer to my ultimate goal � a full time drive in a top team."

13-Sep: "Can Williams beat Ferrari ?" is the title of the 29th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2001 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the upcoming Italian Grand Prix - Issue 29

12-Sep: 'Topic of the week' will not be featured this week due to the tragic events in the United States of America. Our condolences go out to all those affected by these tragic events.

11-Sep: "Will the Williams last the distance ?" The Italian Grand Prix Preview is now available ... Race Preview

Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix Schedule:

Session Time (Local / GMT) - Current local time
Friday Practice Session 1
Friday Practice Session 2
Saturday Practice Session 1
Saturday Practice Session 2
Qualifying Session
Warm-up Session
11 AM Monza Time / 9 AM GMT
1 PM Monza  Time / 11 AM GMT
9 AM Monza  Time / 7 AM GMT
10:15 AM Monza  Time / 8:15 AM GMT 
1 PM Monza  Time / 11 AM GMT
9:30 AM Monza  Time / 7:30 AM GMT 
2 PM Monza  Time / 12 PM GMT
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