Drivers to be asked about Miami layout – Todt

May 21 (GMM) Drivers will be consulted about the layout of a second US grand prix in Miami.

That is the claim of FIA president Jean Todt.

Recently, Lewis Hamilton said he was excited about the prospect of a Miami street race next year until he saw the proposed layout.

But Todt says that sort of criticism is jumping the gun.

“We’re talking about a race that doesn’t exist yet,” he told Speed Week.

“Talks are currently underway with the rights holder, and after that we will look at the safety aspect. The drivers will then have the opportunity to contribute their ideas,” Todt added.

Gunther Steiner, boss of the only American team Haas, said he would welcome Miami to the calendar even though there are already 21 races.

“22 races are also possible, even though it’s difficult,” he said.

“I don’t know what Liberty is planning. Maybe we’ll drop a race and be back at 21.

“But I think if we’re adding races like Miami or Copenhagen, that’s certainly good for a global sport like formula one,” Steiner added.

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