Wolff wants Lauda return ‘as soon as possible’

Mar.13 (GMM) Toto Wolff says he wants Niki Lauda to return to the paddock “as soon as possible”.

F1 legend and Mercedes team chairman Lauda has been absent ever since a 2018 lung transplant.

“He was there partly as a crutch for Toto (Wolff) to lean on,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Wolff has now admitted to Kleine Zeitung newspaper that he misses the 70-year-old Austrian “a lot”.

“Personally, I miss him very much as a human being and as my companion in battle,” he said.

“His feedback is important, his interaction with the other teams is important. He has always been our foreign minister and a very important part of this team.”

Lauda is not in Australia this week, and Wolff admitted he isn’t sure when he will be able to return.

“Not even the doctors know,” he said, “but we would like to see it happen as soon as possible. But I don’t want to put any pressure on.

“I do think he’s out of the woods and on his way back to a normal life, there are always setbacks but the trend is very positive,” Wolff added.

“I talk to Niki every other day.

“He is a huge fighter with an incredible resilience and our plan is to get him back to all the races,” he said.

Wolff said Lauda’s recovery is taking “longer than we planned”.

“We expected it to last only six months, maybe a bit more, maybe twelve, but our direction is that we want it to be like it was a year ago,” he added.

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