Sainz not ‘scared’ but ‘worried’ about crisis

Mar.27 (GMM) In terms of health, McLaren has managed to emerge unscathed from the Melbourne coronavirus scare.

As well as the positive coronavirus infection that caused the cancellation of the Australian GP, over a dozen other McLaren team members have also been stuck in quarantine in Melbourne.

“It was not easy for anyone on our team, but I think we all managed it correctly and perfectly,” Spanish driver Carlos Sainz, who was also locked down but at home in Europe, told Sky Italia.

“We had great leadership from Andreas (Seidl) and Zak (Brown). Then the rest was a whirlwind, but with perfect organisation.

“Now I am happy that all the team members, even those who remained in Australia, are doing well and have all returned home,” Sainz added.

Asked if he is scared of the idea that he might not be driving an actual Formula 1 car for some time, he answered: “It doesn’t scare me but it worries me.

“I am obviously scared by the images and the news that is coming from all over the world. The thought of putting myself in the shoes of all the doctors and nurses who are really fighting this war.

“We stay home and are worried, but we can’t be scared because we can’t see what they see. So I stay calm because I want my family to remain calm.”

Finally, Sainz said he isn’t worried about how the current crisis will affect the contract situation in F1, with so many driver contracts expiring late in 2020.

The 25-year-old has even been linked with Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari seat.

“It doesn’t complicate things at all,” Sainz insisted. “Now the world is facing more difficult things with higher priority.

“The races, the future, the contractual situation, everything takes second place and it is right that it is that way.

“We all have to wait until our life slowly returns to normal to start talking about those things again. But I am not worried at all because what I had to demonstrate I already demonstrated last year.”

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