F1 should increase engine allocation – Horner

Sep.6 (GMM) Christian Horner says he will propose that F1 scraps plans to further ramp up the controversial long-life engine rules next year.

Already on new F1 chief Ross Brawn’s table is an idea to reform the often farcical imposition of grid penalties for engine component changes.

But Horner, the Red Bull boss, told Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper that the real problem is that drivers are not allocated enough engines per season under the current and ultra-complex ‘power unit’ regulations.

For instance, with some drivers already well into their allocation of four engines after 13 races in 2017, the regulations are set to reduce that limit to three engines in 2018.

“This problem should be the number one issue at the next strategy (group) meeting,” said Horner.

The Austrian newspaper said Horner proposes that F1 ups the per-driver engine allocation to five per season.

Horner added: “It would be a pity if the world championship was decided by something like the number of engines.”

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