Barcelona still not giving up on F1

May 12 (GMM) Barcelona is still not giving up on hosting the Spanish grand prix in 2020.

Widespread sources say Liberty Media is about to confirm that a Dutch GP at Zandvoort will take Barcelona’s race date.

But Vincenc Aguilera, the Circuit de Catalunya president, says he is still playing to win.

“It’s a poker game and I give myself high chances,” he told El Mundo newspaper.

“I prefer to think about our chances at 80 or 90 per cent. Every day there is less time, but we are going to play to win.

“To use a football analogy, if we get it, I’ll be happy that it’s in the 95th minute, because in the end it’s only the result that counts,” Aguilera added.

But he expressed disappointment with the apparent ‘leaks’ about Barcelona’s situation, with one Liberty-linked publication having broken the story about Zandvoort.

“There have been leaks and that does not seem right by definition,” said the Barcelona boss. “Now we will see if they really hurt or not.

“The important thing is to continue working to get something good for the country.”

But Aguilera admitted that if Spain does drop off the F1 calendar, a comeback will be very difficult in the future.

“If it is lost, recovery will be difficult and long,” he said.

“We will pay more, not less, and it will take many years to have it again.”

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