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Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

F1 Legends: Juan-Manuel Fangio

F1 Legends: Juan-Manuel Fangio Also from the UK - Canada
Pierre Menard, Jacques Vassal / Paperback / November 2003

This book describes Juan-Manuel Fangio's youth in Buenos Aires, his first steps in motor racing in Argentina, and then his move to Europe where he scooped all Formula One honors. Like Fangio himself, this illustrated biography also delivers comprehensive results, featuring several hundred photographs and car drawings. Until last year, Juan-Manuel Fangio was the sole owner of the Formula One World Titles record, winning it a remarkable five times. His unique style is much admired by Schumacher himself, who admits that drivers of the past were in another world.

Fangio: The Life Behind the Legend

Fangio: The Life Behind the Legend - Also from the UK - Canada
Gerald Donaldson / Hardcover / October 2003

Fangio flourished in an era when racing was raw and romantic, when heroic drivers manhandled machines on daunting and dangerous tracks that are no more. Ascari, Moss, Farina, Brooks, Gonzalez, Varzi, Fagioli, De Portago, Castelloti, Musso, Schell, Collins and Hawthorn - larger than life characters one and all, and all of them beaten by Fangio, who was also left to mourn the deaths of far too many of them.

Juan Manuel Fangio: Motor Racing's Grand Master

Juan Manuel Fangio: Motor Racing's Grand Master Also from the UK - Canada
Karl Ludvigsen / Hardcover / September 1999

This lavishly illustrated volume fully chronicles Fangio's racing career: the early days; the 'Three Fs' team at Alfa Romeo and winning his first championship in 1951; his success with Maserati in 1953; his Carrera Panamericana win; World Championship victories in 1954 and 1955 with Mercedes-Benz; 1956 and 1957 with Ferrari and Maserati, and battles with Stirling Moss; plus a look at Fangio's calm personality, his awards and honors. Foreword by Karl Kling.

Juan Manuel Fangio Photo Album

Juan Manuel Fangio Photo AlbumAlso from the UK - Canada
Peter Nygaard / Paperback / September 1999

The great Juan Manuel Fangio is the only man to win the Formula One World Championship five times. Now race buffs can relive the Argentinean's incredible racing feats through the remarkable photography featured in this book. Witness Fangio's career during the 1950s as he drove classic Grand Prix cars for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes and Ferrari. Sure to get the pulse racing.

Fangio: A Pirelli Album Also from the UK - Canada
Stirling Moss / Hardcover / June 1991

Emerson Fittipaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Emerson Fittipaldi: Heart of a Racer

Emerson Fittipaldi Heart of a Racer - Also from the UK - Canada
Karl Ludvigsen / Hardcover / November 2002

Emerson Fittipaldi, in 1972 crowned the youngest-ever World Champion at the age of 25, won the title again two years later to prove that he was one of the most outstanding talents of his generation. He and his brother Wilson realised their dream of creating the first Brazilian Grand Prix car. After a brief retirement, the bold Brazilian forged a second magnificent career in IndyCar racing, in which he scored wins in ten consecutive seasons. Karl Ludvigsen - Emerson's friend since the 1960s - tells the whole enthralling story.

Emerson Fittipaldi
Gordon Kirby / Hardcover / April 1992

Flying On The Ground Also from the UK
Emerson Fittipaldi, Elizabeth Hayward / Hardcover / June 1973

Dan Gurney

Dan Gurney Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Gurney's Eagles: The Exciting Story of the AAR Racing Cars

Gurney's Eagles: The Fascinating Story of the AAR Racing CarsAlso from the UK - Canada
Dan Gurney (Foreword), Karl Ludvigsen / Hardcover / November 2001

Taking the racing world by storm, Dan Gurney and his All-American Racers combined innovation and engineering excellence to produce the bold Eagle cars. This illustrated history-a reprint of the original-follows Gurney, the team and their cars through several seasons of Formula 1, Can-Am and IndyCar competition.

Dan Gurney: A Passion for Motorsport

Dan Gurney: The Ultimate Racer - Also from the UK - Canada
Jack Brabham (Foreword), Karl Ludvigsen / Hardcover / August 2000

Following his highly acclaimed coffee-table biographies of Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, and Juan Manuel Fangio, Karl Ludvigsen affords the same lavish treatment to Dan Gurney. The legendary American was a brilliant all-rounder, racing successfully in sports car, Formula 1, Indy, and endurance events as both a manufacturer and a driver. Ludvigsen, who has known Gurney for more than four decades, packs the book with action and anecdote, and a sumptuous selection of historic black-and-white and color photography

Mika Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Mika: A Biography of Mika Hakkinen

Mika: A Biography of Mika Hakkinen
Alan Henry / Paperback / April 2000

It had long been accepted within the Formula 1 community that McLaren's Mika Hakkinen was one of - if not the - fastest driver in the world. Nevertheless, doubts remained over whether this quiet, modest Finn had both the consistency and the temperament to put together a season-long championship challenge. The 1998 season destroyed that perception, and silenced even Hakkinen's most vociferous critics. His defeat of double World Champion Michael Schumacher in the race for the 1998 title confirmed him as a genuine winner and a worthy champion. It also set him up as favourite to retain the crown in 1999. Alan Henry, one of the most authoritative journalists in the F1 paddock, tells the inside story of Mika's extraordinary Formula 1 career, including his miraculous return to the cockpit after his life threatening crash at Adelaide in 1995. He describes the Finn's determined return to form and fitness in 1996; his first Grand Prix win at the end of 1997 and his triumphant 1998 season. Henry also examines in depth Hakkinen's battle with both Ferrari drivers, Jordan's Heinz-Harald Frentzen and his own team-mate, David Coulthard, to retain the crown in 1999.

With the text due for completion as the 2000 season gets underway and published at the start of the European season, MIKA will be provide the most authoritative and up-to-date account of the career of the man many now regard as the finest driver in the world, bar none.


Mika Hakkinen: Doing What Comes Naturally

Mika Hakkinen: Doing What Comes Naturally - Also from the UK - Canada
Christopher Hilton / Paperback / December 1997

Mika Hakkinen is one of the fastest drivers in Formula 1 - in his first race for Marlboro Mclaren in 1993, he outqualified Ayrton Senna. He is also known for his frequent crashes. The cheerful Finn's racing ability and dogged optimism helped him hold the McLaren team together through their recent traumas, and to fight back after a near-fatal accident to take fifth place in the 1996 drivers' World Championship. This work is his full story. It includes an in-depth review of 1996 and the start of the 1997 season with expert analysis of the new McLaren chassis and Mercedes engine.

Mike Hawthorn

Mike Hawthron Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Challenge me the race - Also from the UK
Mike Hawthorn / Hardcover / May 1988

Champion Year- Also from the UK
Mike Hawthorn / Hardcover / January 1989

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Lewis Hamilton: Champion Of The World  -  Also from the UK - Canada
Frank Worrall / Paperback / October 2009

Lewis Hamilton is the record-breaking young British hero of Formula 1. His phenomenal debut season was nothing short of a revelation, coming through against all the odds to dominate and revolutionise the world of motor racing. It was an outcome no one could have predicted: thrown in at the deep end 'on a mighty whim' by McLaren team owner Ron Dennis, not only did Lewis have to combat his own nerves and fears, he had to overcome a dissenter within his own camp. With behind-the-scenes insight into the intense rivalry between Hamilton and his teammate Fernando Alonso which threatened to derail the young Briton's dream, and the low-down on the 'spy-gate' scandal and the loss of McLaren's constructors' points, bestselling sports author Frank Worrall describes how Lewis handled the intensity of the media scrum and kept his dignity to emerge triumphant as he racked up sensational wins around the world.

Lewis Hamilton: My Story Also from the UK - Canada
Lewis Hamilton / Paperback / November 2007

Lewis Hamilton's explosive arrival on the Formula 1 scene has made front-page headlines. In My Story, for the first time Lewis opens up about his stunning debut season, including the gripping climax to the 2007 F1 World Championship, as well as his dad Anthony, his home life and his early years. The only book with the real story, as told by Lewis. In his first season in F1, Lewis Hamilton has thrilled the world of motor racing. With victories in Canada, America and Hungary and Japan he led the World Drivers' Championship, right up to the last race of the season. But bare statistics alone do scant justice to the amazing impact Lewis Hamilton has had on the sporting landscape this year.

Lewis Hamilton: The Story So Far Also from the UK - Canada
Garteh Rogers / Paperback / October 2007

2007 witnessed the greatest debut Grand Prix season in history, as McLaren's 22-year-old novice Lewis Hamilton set the sporting world alight with his extraordinary on-track exploits. The buzz surrounding this young man had been growing, but no one could have been prepared for the way he exploded onto the Formula One scene with podium finishes in his first nine races, including wins in Canada and the United States, to become the youngest person ever to top the drivers' championship.Allegations of illicit team orders in Monaco, and a cloak-and-dagger espionage scandal involving McLaren and rivals Ferrari have added spice to a season in which F1 has been gloriously thrust back into the limelight, while the sometimes fractious relationship between Hamilton and his teammate Fernando Alonso has also made headlines. But the biggest story of all has been Hamilton himself, and many within F1 are now predicting that this young man will dominate the scene for years to come. In this book, author Gareth Rogers chronicles the rise of British sport's new superstar, charting his early days and his progression from karts to cars, followed by the whirlwind success of his record-breaking first season.

Damon Hill

Damon Hill Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Damon Hill: Through the eyes of Damon Hill

Damon Hill: Through the eyes of Damon Hill Also from the UK - Canada
Damon Hill / Hardcover / August 1999

F1: Through the Eyes of Damon Hill is the dramatic behind-the-scenes story of the world of Formula One racing. It is a story of global proportions, deep human feelings and sporting magnificence which sweeps from the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne through to the grand finale in Japan, where the nine-month season ends. In his own words, Hill charts the roller-coaster emotions and excitement of the marathon 16-race Grand Prix circus. He describes the strains, and pressures behind the garage doors; the massive effort required to revive a title challenge with his new Jordan team, the fears and thrills. Brilliantly illustrated, here is the world's fastest, most seductive - and expensive - sport as it really is. From the clamour and glamour of the pit lane to the privacy of the motor home, Damon Hill describes what it feels like to compete with Schumacher, Coulthard, Villeneuve and others for the 1998 Formula One World Championship. This is no 'Diary of a Season' fanzine but an intensely personal, thematic account of the most seductive sport of all - its rivalries the crucial importance of technology, and the pencil-thin margin between the chequered flag and failure.

Damon Hill: World Champion

Damon Hill: World ChampionAlso from the UK- Canada
David Tremayne, John Townsend (Photographer) / Hardcover / November 1996

A must for Damon Hill fans seeking an insider's view of the racing legend, this book recounts his early years and the triumphs and disappointments which paved the way to the World Championship title.

Damon Hill: My Championship Year

Damon Hill: My Championship Year Also from the UK - Canada
Damon Hill, Jon Nicholson (Photographer) / Hardcover / 1997

Damon Hill, the world's No 2 Formula One racing driver (after Michael Schumacher) in 1994 and 1995, believes that third time will be lucky in 1996, especially as his foe and rival has transferred to the Ferrari team this year. This book not only provides a guide to Damon Hill's 1996 Grand Prix season, but it also studies the world of the Formula One driver and a gruelling season of 16 circuits spread across the globe. It describes the heady feelings of euphoria after a victory or the profound disappointment of defeat, and captures the passion and the pressure of the most high-profile, most glamorous and most dangerous sport of all. 

  Damon Hill's Grand Prix Year: The Inside Story of a Formula One Season

Damon Hill's Grand Prix Year Also from the UK - Canada
Damon Hill / Hardcover / June 1995

An account of Damon Hill's 1994 season, which offers an insight into the Formula One driver's world. Photographs by Jon Nicholson.

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