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Graham Hill

Graham Hill Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Graham Hill Master of Motor Sports

Graham Hill Master of Motor Sports Also from the UK - Canada
John Tipler / Hardcover / February 2003

Graham Hill's long career was one of the most remarkable in modern motor racing. At his peak in the mid-1960s he was at the forefront of grand prix and sports car racing, competing against the very best drivers of his era � Clark, Surtees, Gurney, Rindt, Stewart.

Today his name, along with theirs, evokes one of the classic ages of motor racing and John Tipler�s new biography of this determined and popular man recalls his great victories � his two Formula 1 championships and 14 grand prix wins, and triumph at the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24 Hours. 

Mr Monaco, Graham Hill remembered Also from the UK
Tony Rudlin / Hardcover / 1983

Graham Also from the UK - Canada
Graham Hill / Hardcover / June 1977


James Hunt

James Hunt Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Shunt: The Life of James Hunt Also from the UK
Tom Rubython / Hardcover / October 2010

James Hunt was no ordinary racing driver and this is no ordinary sports biography. Hunt was simply the most colourful and charismatic driver ever to have raced in Formula One. Tom Rubython, the author of the best-selling Life of Senna, has written a new biography called Shunt - the story of James Hunt. At 624 pages plus 64 pages of photographs, this promises to be the sports biography of the year. Meticulously planned, enthusiastically researched and passionately written, this is the definitive biography of Hunt for all time.

James Hunt: The Biography

James Hunt: The Biography - Also from the UK  - Canada
Gerald Donaldson / Paperback / April 2009

James Hunt was a towering personality with a commanding presence, a hugely glamorous public figure who brought Formula One motor racing to the attention of a whole new audience.

Triumphing against all odds to become World Drivers' Champion with McLaren in 1976, Hunt sank into a period of decadence and depression, only to be rejuvenated as he found true love for the first time.

With that came personal contentment and a renewed zest for living, so that one of the most colourful and controversial figures in Grand Prix racing is best remembered by those close to him as a fun-loving, caring man who had a genuinely uplifting presence - qualities that shine through in Gerald Donaldson's compelling and moving account of his life.

James Hunt: Against All Odds Also from the UK
Eoin Young / Paperback / July 1977


Jacky Ickx

Jacky Ickx Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Jacky Ickx

Jacky Ickx - Also from the UK
Pierre Van Vliet / Hardcover / November 2012

Jacky Ickx's early racing exploits marked him as a man to watch. His sporting ambition and brilliance have made him one of the most respected drivers of the twentieth century. He achieved an impressive list of victories throughout his career; a career that is one of the richest in the history of motorsport: two times vice world champion in Formula 1, winner of eight Grands Prix, six-times winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, two-time world endurance champion, victories in Paris-Dakar and the American Can-Am championship. This stunning book brings to life twenty-four defining moments in Ickx's career, many illustrated with previously unpublished images.

Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvine Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Eddie Irvine: Life in the Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane - Also from UK - Also from Canada
Eddie Irvine / Paperback / Janurary 2001

Life in the Fast Lane gives a fascinating and revealing insight into the inner sanctum of the most enigmatic team in Formula One. Eddie talks frankly about his colleagues, the Formula One lifestyle, the driver's regime, his family. This book captures the true essence of the gruelling yet glamorous lifestyle of a Formula One driver. It candidly looks at the trappings of Formula One, the models, the planes, the boats, the cars and the houses but at the same time gives an honest portrait of the man behind the playboy image. Controversial, fast-living, outspoken and charismatic, this is Eddie Irvine at his finest.

Eddie Irvine: The Luck of the Irish

Eddie Irvine: The Luck of the Irish Also from the UK - Canada
Adam M. Cooper / Paperback / January 1997

Formula One driver Eddie Irvine came to prominence in 1993 after a punch-up with Ayrton Senna. Since then his career has progressed and in 1996 he is at Ferrari partnering Michael Schumacher. This book follows his career from its start in 1983 through to his move to Ferrari. An analysis of his partnership with Schumacher is included along with information on the new V10 engine. The author is a former room-mate of Irvine which enables him to provide personal anecdotes and insights. Irvine's career started in Formula Ford in 1983, through Formula 3, and Formula 3000. Following this was three years in Japanese Formula 3000 where he nearly won the 1993 championship. Irvine then got his big break with the Jordan Formula 1 team.

Eddie Irvine: Green Races Red

Green Races Red: Eddie Irvine at Ferrari - Also from the UK - Canada
Eddie Irvine, Maurice Hamilton / Paperback / November 1996

Eddie Irvine's first season with Ferrari was always going to represent a challenge for him as he struggled to get to grips with a temperamental car and to come to terms with being in the shadow of team-mate and double World Champion Michael Schumacher. In this book, Irvine demonstrates his renewed appetite for the battle on the track as he plays his full part in Ferrari's renaissance as a serious pretender to the Formula One Constructor's throne. Among the 1997 season's highlights, Irvine explains his reaction to the criticism of his aggressive style of driving which led to a pile-up in the Australian Grand Prix, and how his personal goals have changed since his debut season for Ferrari.

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Four Seasons at Ferrari: The Lauda Years

Four Seasons at Ferrari: The Lauda Years Also from the UK - Canada
Alan Henry / Hardcover / January 2003

The partnership between Niki Lauda and the legendary Ferrari team is one of the most dramatic and dynamic in post-war Grand Prix racing. Between 1974 and 1977, Ferrari won ten Grands Prix, Lauda won two Driver's World Championships and Ferrari won three Constructors' World Championships. This tightly packed, colorful account gives a fascinating insight into the way Lauda worked with Ferrari and records the gripping personal relationship between Lauda and team boss and founder Enzo Ferrari - two highly motivated and very different individuals. Revealing anecdotes and incisive portraits of the characters involved produce a remarkable view of Formula 1 racing 25 years ago.

Niki Lauda
Alan Henry / Hardcover / September 1989

Niki Lauda Meine Story - Also from the UK - Canada
Niki Lauda, Herbert Volker / Hardcover / October 1986

To Hell and Back: An Autobiography - Also from the UK
Niki Lauda, Herbert Volker / Hardcover / June 1986

For The Record - Also from the UK
Niki Lauda / Hardcover / May 1985

Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Nigel Mansell: The Complete Pictorial Record

Nigel Mansell: A Pictorial Tribute to the Double Champion Also from the UK - Canada
Mike Dodson, Keith Sutton / Hardcover / November 1995

Your best source for the highest quality photographs chronicling the entire span of Nigel Mansell's career in racing. From his beginnings in kart racing through Formula Ford and Formula 3, to F1, IndyCars and back to F1, this is Nigel Mansell. Respected GP photographer Keith Sutton combines his photographic talents with that of top journalist Mike Doodson to produce this superior tribute to Mansell's amazing racing career. Foreword by Murray Walker.

Nigel Mansell: My Autobiography - Also from the UK - Canada
Nigel Mansell, James Allen / Hardcover / October 1995

From his early years of struggle when he fought back from a broken neck and having to sell his house to fund his racing, to the years of triumph when he raced neck and neck with adversaries like Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, it was still Nigel Mansell's will that drove him on. In this book he writes forthrightly about his feelings for fellow contemporaries, as well as his reasons for quitting Formula 1 after winning the Championship in 1992 and what prompted his comeback at the end of 1994.

Bruce McLaren

Bruce McLaren Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

McLaren Memories: A Biography of Bruce McLaren - Also from the UK
Eoin Young / Hardcover / August 2005

Eoin Young's anecdotal reminiscences about Bruce McLaren, his great friend and compatriot, will be compelling reading for fans of 1960s motor racing. Drawing from his own memories, interviews with Bruce's inner circle, the young kiwi's letters home, the magazine column they co-wrote and contemporary newspaper reports, Young recreates that golden era when racing drivers were mates and racing was fun.


Bruce McLaren: A Life and Legacy of Excellence

Bruce McLaren: A Life and Legacy of Excellence Also from the UK - Canada
Robin Herd (Foreword), Karl Ludvigsen / Hardcover / October 2001

Bruce McLaren arrived in Europe in 1958 virtually unknown. As this fascinating biography relates, by the time of his fatal testing accident 12 years later he had established himself on both sides of the Atlantic as a driver of extraordinary versatility. He also founded the team that went on to become one of the most successful in Formula 1. Content includes McLaren's fifth-place effort in the 1958 German Grand Prix and runner-up finish in the Autocar F2 Championship; his victory at the 1959 American Grand Prix, where he became the youngest-ever GP winner; his second-place finish in the 1960 World Championship; building and racing his own car, the McLaren M1A; winning Le Mans for Ford in 1966 with Chris Amon, and Sebring in 1967 with Mario Andretti; and success in the Can-Am series as a constructor and two-time driver champion.

Bruce McLaren: The Man and His Racing Team - Also from the UK - Canada
Ron Dennis (Foreword), Eoin S. Young / Hardcover / June 1995

Bruce McLaren was killed in a testing crash at Goodwood on 2 June 1970, a racing driver on the verge of realizing the ambition to succeed with his own Grand Prix team and his own cars. This book - reissued with additional material to mark the 25th anniversary of McLaren's death - explores the foundation of the team, and its involvement in Formula 1, CanAm and Indianapolis racing. The team later went on to achieve legendary success, providing winning cars for World Champions from Emerson Fittipaldi and James Hunt to Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. The full story of Bruce McLaren's career is told, combining it with the development of his racing team. The author discusses the design, production and preparation of the racing cars, with details of the races, as well as how the business was managed.

Last Season: Life of Bruce McLaren - Also from the UK
 Jeanne Beeching / Hardcover / June 1974

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