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Gilles Villeneuve

Gilles Villeneuve Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Gilles Villeneuve: The Life of a Legend

Gilles Villeneuve: The Life of a Legend - Also from the UK - Canada
Gerald Donaldson / Paperback / February 2003

Gilles Villeneuve became a legend in his own lifetime: a driver whose skill and daring personified the ideals of Grand Prix racing. With his flamboyantly aggressive driving style and his distinctive scarlet Ferrari, he captured the imagination of a vast international audience as no other driver has in recent times. His tremendous fighting spirit and pure passion for driving produced so much high drama and deeply felt emotion that Villeneuve became one of the greatest sporting heroes. His enduring legend owes much to its classic elements of tragedy, for he was a charming young man of humble origins who achieved undreamed of fame and fortune by giving his all to the sport that ultimately took his life. This is his story.

Hardcover Edition - Also from the UK

Villeneuve: a Racing Legend

Villeneuve : A Racing Legend - Also from the UK
Allan de la Plante / Hardcover / May 1998

A photographic biography of Villeneuve with a CD ROM which features contributions from the racing world. The photographs show Villeneuve racing with snowmobiles, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic, Ferrari and Formula One. The CD ROM reproduces the sound of the engine whilst the motion video produces a realistic view from the cockpit of the Ferrari.

Le mystère Villeneuve
Jean Beaunoyer / May 2000.

Gilles et Jacques: Les Villeneuve et moi
Pierre Lecours / Paperback / February 1998.

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Jacques Villeneuve - Also from the UK - Canada
Joseph Romain (Editor), Ken Sparling / Paperback / October 1999

Jacques Villeneuve avoided motor racing when his famous father was alive. It's surprising that he became a race car driver soon after Gilles Villeneuve's tragic death in a racing crash. After trying different types of racing, Jacques moved to Formula One racing in 1996. He performed very well that year as a rookie and then won the world championship in 1997. Jacques' story is quite a remarkable journey

Jacques Villeneuve: A Champion in Pictures

Jacques Villeneuve: A Champion in Pictures - Also from the UK - Canada
Jacques Villeneuve, Gianni Giansanti (Photographer), Cedric Daetwyler / Hardcover / June 1998

Documenting the rise of Jacques Villeneuve from his arrival in Formula One in 1995 to becoming World Champion in 1997, this photographic record captures the highs and lows of Grand Prix racing as well as his more private moments away from the track.

The New Villeneuve

The New Villeneuve - Also from the UK - Canada
Timothy Collings / Paperback / December 1997

This biography tells of Jacques Villeneuve's childhood and sporting prowess. He learned to ski in Switzerland, reputedly well enough to have become an international-class competitor, before deciding to follow in his father's footsteps and take up motor racing. Jacques Villeneuve has recently taken the world of motor racing by storm, and is now widely regarded as one of the best racing drivers in the world; not surprising, perhaps, for the only son of racing giant Gilles Villeneuve. The book also shows what he is like now, in his mid-20s, having excelled in IndyCar where he won the World Series Driver's title before moving into the arena once dominated by his father - Formula One. Ever the individual, he chose not to go to Ferrari, his father's old team, but instead to Williams, a team hit hard by the loss of Ayrton Senna.

Hardcover Edition

Jacques Villeneuve - Also from the UK
Jean-Sébastien Fernandes / 1997

Villeneuve: Ma première saison en Formule 1

Villeneuve: Ma première saison en Formule 1
Jacques Villeneuve, Gerald Donaldson / 1997

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