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Live Formula 1 Coverage - First Friday Practice

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Live Update

2009 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread

First Friday Practice Session

Singapore Formula One Grand Prix - First Friday Practice(09/25/2009) 

First Friday practice session from Singapore underway. Track temperature at 34 degrees while air temperature is at 31 degrees

6:01 Session underway and a few drivers go out on their installation laps
6:03 After ING have pulled their sponsorship from Renault, there are Renault signs in place of the ING signs on the car
6:04 Brawn cars are carrying Canon logos on their sides this weekend
6:06 Most cars have completed their installation laps. Hamilton is currently on the track
6:10 BMW Sauber are having high hopes on a major upgrade they are bringing to Singapore
6:12 Still no times set this session
6:13 Kovalainen pits and the track is quiet now!

More than 15 minutes in the session and no timed laps yet


The 2 Toro Rosso cars are back on the track now

6:18 Alguersuari starts a timed lap
6:20 A 2:00.874 for Alguersuari
6:21 Buemi sets a 1:59.195.
6:22 For reference the fastest lap time last year was a 1:45.599
6:22 Alguersuari improves with a 1:58.808
6:23 Buemi now sets a 1:55.715

Buemi improves again with a 1:54.526. Alguersuari now with a 1:57.647

6:27 More drivers are now on the track including Webber and Fisichella
6:28 Fsichella sets a 1:57.517

Webber sets a 1:54.790


Order after 30 minutes: Buemi, Webber, Alguersuari, Fisichella, Nakajima, Grosjean

6:33 Buemi now with a 1:53.757. Fisichella up into second
6:34 Webber goes fastest with a 1:53.076
6:35 Rosberg and Hamilton on quick ones!
6:35 Hamilton moves into 4th
6:36 Rosberg moves into second with a 1:53.198
6:36 Now Kovalainen moves into second and spins!!
6:37 Webber set to improve!
6:38 Webber sets a 1:51.912!
6:39 Button moves into second with a 1:52.157
6:40 Button now fastest as Grosjean spins!!
6:41 Grosjean actually hits the wall!
6:41 The rear right tyre is damaged. Session stopped
6:42 Bad memories for Renault!
6:43 Grosjean's car is still stranded on the track!
6:44 Grosjean was 7th fastest and on an improving lap
6:47 Halfway through the session and the order is: Button, Webber, Kovalainen, Rosberg, Hamilton, Fisichella, Grosjean, Nakajima, Buemi and Raikkonen
6:48 Grosjean's car now being cleared. Wondering why does it take them so long to clear cars here!
6:50 Session restarting in 2 minutes
6:52 Session restarts
6:53 A number of drivers are on the track immediately
6:54 16 drivers are on the track!
6:55 Sutil off but recovers
6:57 Alonso up into 4th on his first timed lap
6:58 18 drivers on the track!
6:58 Alonso improves to 3rd with a 1:51.909
6:59 Kovalainen goes fastest with a 1:51.255
6:59 Only Nick Heidfeld has yet to set a time
6:59 Raikkonen moves into second with a 1:51.534
7:00 And now it is Webber in second!

Button goes fastest with a 1:51.181

7:02 All drivers on the track (except Grosjean)
7:03 Order after 60 minutes: Button, Kovalainen, Webber, Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Sutil, Nakajima and Rosberg
7:04 Barrichello now up into 3rd with a 1:51.274
7:05 Currently the top 8 are separated by just 0.353!
7:05 Button improves in 1st with a 1:50.703
7:07 Hamilton up into second with a 1:50.715
7:08 Vettel now up into 3rd with a 1:50.790
7:09 Fisichella is currently in 17th
7:13 Only Heidfeld currently on the track
7:14 No drivers on the track at this stage. Just over 15 minutes remain

Drivers are going back out for the final run this session

7:20 Kovalainen on a quick lap!
7:21 Kovalainen improves but remains in 4th with a 1:51.124
7:22 Barrichello fastest with a 1:50.549
7:24 All drivers are on the track now

Kovalainen now in second as Barrichello set to improve again!

7:27 Barrichello improves, Webber moves into second!
7:28 Alonso now on a flyer!
7:29 Alonso goes 3rd with a 1:50.567
7:30 Session over! Awaiting final timed laps
7:33 Session over. Top 10: Barrichello, Button, Webber, Alonso, Vettel, Kovalainen, Hamilton, Kubica, Raikkonen and Nakajima
7:35 11th - 20th: Rosberg, Sutil, Buemi, Heidfeld, Glock, Trulli, Fisichella, Liuzzi, Alguersuari and Grosjean
7:36 Most laps by Buemi with 28 laps. Least laps by Grosjean with 9 laps due to crash then Sutil with 14 laps
7:38 1st Friday Practice: Just over nine tenths separate the top 10. 2 seconds separate the top 16


Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread

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