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Live Update

2009 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread


Singapore Formula One Grand Prix - Qualifying(09/26/2009) 
9:54 Qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix starting shortly.
Lewis Hamilton was fastest in the practice session earlier ahead of Sebastien Vettel and Nico Rosberg
9:56 Just like yesterday evening, the air and track temperature is at 30 degrees

1st qualifying session underway!

10:01 Several cars go out straight away. Fisichella is the first out
10:02 Grosjean misses the turn!
10:03 Fisichella starts his flyer. He is already on the super softs
10:03 Grosjean complaining of 'no brakes'!!
10:04 A 1:51.028 for Fisichella!
10:05 Buemi fastest at this stage ahead of Raikkonen
10:05 Hamilton is the only one not on the track at the moment
10:06 Button now quickest with a 1:48.632
10:07 Barrichello very quick!
10:07 Vettel quickest with a 1:48.168
10:07 Barrichello sets a 1:47.939
10:08 Rosberg now quickest with a 1:47.636
10:09 Vettel goes fastest again although Hamilton is about to better that!
10:10 A 1:47.241 for Hamilton
10:11 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Sutil? [Ed] 14th
10:13 Hamilton sets a 1:46.977. First to set a time under the 1:47 mark this weekend!
10:14 [Comment From yz ]
what position is kimi in? [Ed] 14th at the moment
10:15 Raikkonen down in 14th and is back with the super softs
10:17 Raikkonen sets a 1:47.293 (2nd)
10:17 [Comment From vishnu ]
liuzzi? [Ed] Currently in 20th
10:17 [Comment From mish ]
go kimi
10:18 Looks like Hamilton (1st) and Vettel (3rd) opted not to go back out

Heidfeld moves into 3rd! Vettel could be in danger!

10:20 Button up into second with a 1:47.180
10:21 Session over!
10:22 Knocked out: Sutil, Alguersuari, Fisichella, Grosjean and Liuzzi
10:24 Top 10: Hamilton, Button, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Rosberg, Barrichello, Vettel, Kovalainen, Kubica and Nakajima
10:27 [Comment From Danfloyd ]
expected faster from Webber there. [Ed] It is very close in the middle of the pack. Nothing in it!
10:27 Second session underway and Buemi, Vettel and the 2 Brawns are out already
10:28 [Comment From Marlon ]
What is Fiscichellas position [Ed]18th and out
10:29 12 cars on the track!
10:30 Raikkonen quickest in S1 so far!
10:31 Hamilton now quickest in S1. Button sets a 1:47.412
10:32 Barrichello now quickest, no it is Webber with a 1:47.030
10:32 Rosberg flying! A 1:46.197! Wow!
10:32 Alonso yet to go out!
10:33 A super lap from Rosberg! He is nearly half a second quicker than second placed Vettel!
10:35 This session look set to be very close!
10:38 Alonso up into 5th
10:40 Final laps in Q2
10:41 Button will not make it into Q3
10:42 Raikkonen will not make it to Q3
10:43 Barrichello makes it! Webber up into second
10:43 [Comment From Guest ]
button on fast lap [Ed] Button doesn't make it to Q3
10:44 Knocked out: Nakajima, Button, Raikkonen, Buemi and Trulli
10:47 Q2 - Hamilton in 4th and Kovlainen in 10th are separated by just 0.185 seconds
10:47 [Comment From Danfloyd ]
Gooo Webber, show em who's da boss,
10:47 [Comment From Marlon ]
i cant belive that raiki is out
10:48 [Comment From Marlon ]
his time? [Ed] 1:47.177
10:49 Top 10 after Q2: Rosberg, Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Glock, Alonso, Barrichello, Kubica, Heidfeld and Kovalainen
10:49 [Comment From Ter ]
im so sad that kimi is out.........................
10:49 [Comment From Marlon ]
too bad... he might end up crashing with KERS
10:50 Final qualifying session underway!
10:50 Rosberg the first out
10:51 [Comment From Danfloyd ]
is Barichello now proving the Button wasnt good at the start of the season...his diffuser was?
10:51 Only Hamilton still in the pits now
10:51 [Comment From smitp ]
Come on Lewis!

Just a reminder that Barrichello will drop 5 places on the grid due to a gearbox change

10:54 If Rosberg manages Pole this evening, it will be the first for Williams since the European GP in 2005
10:55 Vettel quickest with a 1:48.204. Hamilton quick!
10:55 [Comment From Danny ]
GO Jenson Button!!
10:55 [Comment From Marlon ]
i hope he will end up 10th so that raki will gain a place atleast. Ferrari's must score points to be in 3rd
10:56 Hamilton fastest with a 1:47.891
10:56 [Comment From smitp ]
Jenson goes only tomorrow! [Ed] True, he is 12th

All the cars back on the track for the final timed lap


Barrichello crashes! Session stopped

11:00 Hamilton on Pole!
11:02 It is a pity that qualifying ended this way!
11:02 [Comment From Danfloyd ]
What a joke Barichello
11:04 Session will be restarted but there is not enough time to start a timed lap
11:05 Qualifying Top 10: Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, Webber, Barrichello, Alonso, Glock, Heidfeld, Kubica, Kovalainen
11:06 Now we await the fuel loads!
11:08 The clock ticks down for the final qualifying! Checkered flag is waved!!
11:15 [Comment From Danfloyd ]
Is Barichello working for Mclaren? he already had that 5 place grid penalty there was no use in pushing that hard. stinks of a setup! [Ed] He is fighting for the championship so I suspect it was just a driver error!

Singapore race on Sunday at 20:00 local time (12:00 GMT). You can follow NewsOnF1 race coverage here and set a reminder to be sent out to you.

2:59 Pre-race car weights are available here. Hamilton is heaviest of top 8 while Heidfeld is lightest
3:04 Team reports are available here


Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread

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