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Live Update

2009 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

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Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread


Singapore Formula One Grand Prix - Race(09/27/2009) 
7:26 The 2010 Singapore Grand Prix starts in 35 minutes. Follow our coverage here on
7:29 Rubens Barrichello qualified in 5th place but will start in 10th due to an unscheduled gearbox change
7:38 The top 10 and their car weights:
1 McLaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 660.5
2 RBR Renault Sebastian Vettel 651.0
3 Williams Toyota Nico Rosberg 657.5
4 RBR Renault Mark Webber 654.5
5 Renault Fernando Alonso 658.0
6 Toyota Timo Glock 660.5
7 BMW Sauber Nick Heidfeld 650.0
8 BMW Sauber Robert Kubica 664.0
9 McLaren Mercedes Heikki Kovalainen 664.5
10 Brawn Mercedes Rubens Barrichello 655.5
7:43 As the qualifying session was stopped right at the end due to Barrichello's crash, it is hard to dermine who was quickest as all the drivers had to abort their final run. Hamilton though is in a strong position as he is heavier than all those around him
7:50 10 minutes to race start!
7:52 Nick Heidfeld is to start from the pitlane!

BMW team telling Heidfeld that while there are rain clouds, it isn't expected to rain on the track

7:56 Air temperature is at 30 degrees while track temperature at 33 degrees
7:58 Heidfeld was found to be underweight due to a ballast fitting error. The team changed engine and gearbox to his car.
7:59 The grid is being cleared for the formation lap
8:00 Formation lap underway
8:00 Most cars are on the soft compound
8:01 [Comment From RaHuL ]
chances of force india? [Ed] Difficult to tell but they are 15th and 19th here.
8:02 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Please tell the strategy of Force India...tyres, stops and fuel load :) [Ed]You can check the fuel loads on the discussion thread. We cannot provide a lot of answers during the race
8:03 The cars arriving back at the starting grid
8:03 Lights!
8:05 Clean start! Hamilton leads from Rosberg and Vettel
8:05 Alonso makes a good start then losses to Webber and Glock
8:06 [Comment From Parashar ]
please tell detail abt forceindia [Ed] Ok, Sutil in 15th, Liuzzi in 18th
8:07 Hamilton leads Rosberg by 1.4 seconds on lap 2
8:09 [Comment From RaHuL ]
could u elaborate a lil' ok at least tell: one stop or two? [Ed] No one can be for sure except the team. 2 stops are expected
8:09 [Comment From Parashar ]
is Liuzzi still behind fisi [Ed] Yes
8:09 [Comment From RaHuL ]
omg sutil is heaviest out here...693...are they going for podium :)
8:10 Grosjean pits!
8:10 He retires!
8:11 Hamilton leads on the 4th lap by 1.9 seconds. Vettel a further 1.4 seconds behind
8:12 [Comment From Parashar ]
even if nt podium for sutil atleast in top 8 , can he ? [Ed] Difficult
8:12 Grosjean is walking away after retiring with what seems to be a mechanical problem

McLaren telling Hamilton that they have a KERS issue and ask him to disable it!

8:13 [Comment From syed ali ]
cant even imagine of any thing at this point dude....lets jus see after a while
8:14 Vettel sets the fastest lap so far with a 1:1.49.122
8:14 [Comment From Parashar ]
any chances of rain ??? [Ed] Very low it seems
8:15 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Sutil:14th? [Ed] He is fighting with Alguersuari for 14th
8:15 Glock and Alonso have passed Webber!
8:16 Looks like he went off
8:16 [Comment From Parashar ]
does dat force india car of sutil looks fast i mean can he overtake 2-3 cars
8:17 Grosjean had brake problems

Webber had to give a place to Alonso because he passed him off track that is why he dropped behind. He had to let both Glock and Alonso through.

8:18 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Parashar he's very heavy and its early to say...he's gaining speed
8:19 Hamilton leads Rosberg by 2,4 seconds on lap 8. Vettel is 1.6 seconds behind
8:20 Team tells Sutil to try and managed the engine as it is overheating. He is stuck behind Alguersuari
8:20 [Comment From RaHuL ]
fisi is faster than sutil right now i think :) [Ed] Both are held up by Alguersuari
8:21 Rosberg catching Hamilton now. He set the fastest lap so far with a 1:48.352
8:21 FIsichella being urged by his team to pass Sutil
8:22 [Comment From Parashar ]
m sure he is on 1 stop [Ed] Super soft tyres may not sustain that long
8:22 [Comment From RaHuL ]
total laps? [Ed] 61
8:23 Alguersuari is very slow and now holding up the 5 cars behind him!
8:25 Raikkonen takes 12th from Buemi who has a very slow lap
8:25 [Comment From Parashar ]
i just hope sutil doesnt retires this time
8:25 [Comment From syed ali ]
howzz button and barichello going on....? [Ed] 7th and 10th
8:26 [Comment From Parashar ]
is that str faster den force india n ferrari [Ed] No but this track is very difficult to overtake
8:26 Sutil is trying very hard to pass Alguersuari
8:26 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Alguersuari is killing others race, either speed or get out of the way man
8:27 [Comment From RaHuL ]
wats with sutil, pass Alg on KERS?
8:27 Liuzzi trying to pass Fisichella!
8:28 [Comment From syed ali ]
it was luzzi who retired last time.....not sutil i guess
8:28 [Comment From Parashar ]
this strs r real slow n pain for other cars
8:28 [Comment From Zee ]
Lost signal on ym tv due to rains. Was webber penalized ? [Ed] had to let Alonso through cause he passed him off track
8:29 [Comment From RaHuL ]
go liuzzi go
8:30 The Alguersuari train is holding up everyone behind. He is lapping in the high 1:54's, those in front are at least 3 seconds quicker!!
8:31 Replay shows a piece of rear wing flying off Glock's car! Yello flags are waved but their could be a safety car to clear it!
8:31 [Comment From RaHuL ]
yes syed
8:32 [Comment From Parashar ]
does force india retired ? [Ed] Only Grosjean retired
8:32 [Comment From RaHuL ]
STRs should be banned
8:32 [Comment From Parashar ]
syed ali dnt gives us heartbreak i tght luzzi got retired this time also
8:32 Hamlton leads Rosberg on lap 15 by 3.1 seconds. Vettel is a further 2 seconds behind
8:33 [Comment From Zee ]
What was the problem with Grosjean's car ? [Ed] Brakes
8:34 1st round of pit stops about to commence!
8:34 [Comment From syed ali ]
lolz, sorry dude...i was talking abt last time....nywy lets see abt now...
8:35 A marshal has managed to get on the track to clear the debris!
8:35 Vettel is the first to pit
8:35 Vettel rejoins behind Barrichell in 7th

Rosberg pits!

8:37 [Comment From Parashar ]
can any one tell position of sutil n luzzi [Ed] 15th and 17th
8:37 Webber pits too!
8:38 Rosberg may get a drive through as he jumped over the white line and then went back!
8:38 Fisichella and Liuzzi pit together!

And now Glock pits and Barrichello

8:40 [Comment From Parashar ]
wish liuzzi is out 1st [Ed] No but they may have fuelled him longer!

Hamilton pits!

8:40 Rosberg is under investigation
8:41 Hamilton stays in the lead!
8:41 Drive through for Rosberg! Hard luck
8:42 Heidfeld and Sutil touch
8:42 Sutil tries to pass Alguersuari, he spins then drives into Heidfeld!
Safety car!!
8:43 Plenty of debris on the track and many make their pit stops
8:43 [Comment From Parashar ]
i think rosberg loses chance of podium now [Ed]Yes!
8:47 Alguersuari pits and tries to get away with the hose still connected!
8:48 [Comment From Parashar ]
does sutil damaged his car ??? [Ed] He lost his front wing. He is 18th
8:48 [Comment From Zee ]
Safety Car is out !!!
8:49 [Comment From Kent ]
can Rosberg do his drive through during safety car? [Ed] Rosberg will follow the safety car to take his drive through. Worst case scenario for him
8:49 [Comment From Flyer ]
I hate ads during the race :( anything can happen.
8:50 Rosberg is very very unlucky. He will take his drive through when the safety car pits and that will put him last
8:50 [Comment From Parashar ]
guys tell latest retirements n positions [Ed] Retirements: Heidfeld and Grosjean
8:51 Sutil pits! He retires!
8:52 Looks like the damage he sustained from hitting Heidfeld is terminal
8:52 The field is now packed up as the safety car is about to pit
8:53 Lights off on the safety car
8:54 Race restarts!
8:55 Hamilton leads from Rosberg and Vettel on lap 25
8:55 [Comment From Leo ]
What happened to webber [Ed] He dropped back during the pits stops. Was disadvantaged due to safety car
8:56 [Comment From aswin ]
hamilton leads
8:57 The incident between Sutil and Heidfeld will be investigated after the race
8:57 Rosberg takes his drive through
8:58 Rosberg is last in 17th!
8:58 Sorry he is 14th
8:59 News from the Force India garage is that Sutil may go back out as they look at his brakes
9:00 Vettel is pushing! He is just 1 second behind Hamilton
9:01 [Comment From Parashar ]
good news
9:02 Hamilton leads Vettel by 0.8 seconds on lap 29. Glock in 3rd is a further 4.1 seconds behind
9:02 Glock is 3rd, Trulli is 13th!
9:03 Raikkonen is 11th, Fisichella is 15th!
9:04 It seems Vettel is trying to push Hamilton into a mistake
9:06 Rosberg trying to pass Trulli for 13th!
9:07 [Comment From Parashar ]
where is liuzzi ? [Ed] 17th and 1.3 seconds behind Fisichella
9:12 Glock is pushing. He is slowly catching Vettel and Hamilton. Rosberg pits
9:22 Vettel under investigation for speeding into the pitlane after making his second a final stop!
9:23 He will most likely get a drive through!
9:23 [Comment From Scott ]
Who has the fastest lap so far? [Ed] Hamilton - 1:48.345
9:24 Drive through for Vettel confirmed
9:26 Team tells Vettel to stay focused as they could finish 4th or 5th!
9:27 Vettel also has rear diffuser damage and hence the drop in his lap times
9:27 Vettel serves his drive through
9:28 He rejoins in 9th ahead of Raikkonen
9:29 Webber pits
9:29 Webber struggling with his brakes
9:32 Webber has crashed!
9:33 Hamilton pits and so does Barrichello
9:33 Replay shows Webber had brake failure!
9:34 Alonso now leads the race but has yet to stop!
9:36 Button is up into 3rd but has yet to stop!
9:39 Alonso pits from the lead
9:40 Alonso rejoins in 4th
9:41 [Comment From Jamin ]
Is someone's car underweight? [Ed] Heidfeld's was and that is why he started from the pitlane.
9:43 Button pits and rejoins ahead of Barrichello!
9:44 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Singapore track sucks, in race if you can't overtake then it's not the least Delhi Grand Prix track shouldn't be like that
9:44 Raikkonen pits from 6th!
9:47 Alonso sets the fastest time of the race with a 1:48.240!
9:48 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Alguersuari is at well deserved 16th 18.4 secs behind his front driver omg.... :D

Button is catching Vettel but he seems to be having brake issues too!

9:52 Button is nursing his car. 4 laps to go!
9:56 Hamilton leads Glock by 8.5 seconds on lap 58. Alonso in 3rd a further7.2 seconds
9:57 [Comment From RaHuL ]
This was a very slow race, can ne1 explain y? [Ed] Safety car period
9:58 2 laps to go and we will have a full 61 lap race!
9:59 Barrichello catching Button! Can he do it on the final lap ?
10:00 Lewis Hamilton wins the 2010 Singapore Grand Prix
10:01 Glock is second ahead of Alonso
10:02 Vettel, Button, Barrichello, Kovalainen, Kubica, Nakajima and Raikkonen make the top 10
10:03 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Have we seen ne ovetake in this whole race? [Ed] Very few! Rosberg overtook Alguersuari!
10:05 [Comment From Kent ]
Thanks you saved my day! I sit in a hotel in Turkey, I watch half an hour pre-race talk on TV. When the race is just to start, up comes a sign that I need a code to watch the race. The Hotel staff has no clue. Thanks again. [Ed] You are welcome. We had a few technical issues later in the race so apologies for that
10:07 Results: Hamilton, Glock, Alonso, Vettel, Button, Barrichello, Kovalainen, Kubica, Nakajima and Raikkonen
10:10 Rosberg 11th ahead of Trulli, Fisichella and Liuzzi
Retirements: Alguersuari, Buemi, Webber, Sutil, Heidfeld and Grosjean
10:12 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Thank you for live commentary [Ed] You are welcome, again delays later in the race due to technical issues
10:14 [Comment From Biraj ]
did hamilton deserve to win? [Ed] Yes, Rosberg and Vettel made errors that dropped them our of contention
10:16 [Comment From RaHuL ]
You don't write critical comments only comments praising u, hehe...biased man! [Ed] Certainly not! We had problems so we couldn't respond so quick. We publish all comments except offensive ones
10:17 [Comment From Chandrakin ]
I that case Monaco is even worse Rahul, only issues with singapore as I think are bumpy surface and darker patches still remaining in some places
10:18 [Comment From Scott ]
Thanks for the commentary! Do you know who finished with the fastest lap time? [Ed] Fastest lap time by Alonso !:48.240
10:22 [Comment From RaHuL ]
Start 1 finish 1, start last finish last, depend on others errors......can't do nething urself......would u call it a race? [Ed] That is the nature of street circuits ... unfortunately
10:23 [Comment From Biraj ]
does hamilton or kimi have a chance to win the driver's championship? [Ed] No
10:26 Alonso dedicates the podium to Flavio Briatore!
10:28 The next race is the Japanese Grand Prix next Sunday. Follow our coverage on
10:55 [Comment From Biraj ]
i have lived in singapore for more then 5 years and i have never seen the race aspect of singapore. Making a street circuit was really a big challenge. Do you think the singapore grand prix is a good race track as compared to others? [Ed] I think it is a special race being run at night. It is very challenging too. In my view it isn't as good as Monaco but better than Valencia. We have yet to see Abu Dhabi though!
11:02 Vote for your driver of the day here and give us your thoughts
11:23 Jenson Button now leads the Championship by 15 points from Rubens Barrichello (84 to 69). Vettel is 3rd with 59 points
11:24 In the Constructors, Brawn GP lead Red Bull 153 points to 110.5. Ferrari is 3rd with 62 points with McLaren catching them fast now just 3 points behind
12:33 Team race reports are available here


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